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fucking imbeciles believe if they block out or kill what they dont like and continue to live selfishly everything will be fine

beginnings are always messy.

Keep’m in the red sHe said.

Red overlay. Der. Red is the low slowest vibration frequency among the hues. Red when used in PR Public Relations which is the euphemism coined by Freud’s cousin Edward Bernay, the man history tags as the current master of propaganda. PR is the art of inception; adverting attention, also known as advertising, lure luring bait baiting entrancing entertaining the mind to whatever intent invoked in the conception of the art product. This is also how sigils and talisman are created, forged, sealed and used. And like all things in this world it can he used benevolently, maliciously, for nothing or for play or even for example. The stress is to the intent; the thought, the Will behind, fueling the act of creation. This is where the substance of the material world is forged. The immaterial realms of mind, imagination, thought and dream manifest through the vessel of man. Man, the circuit of electromagnetic resonating on all levels from the above to the below and all inbetween. This is the true essense and power of the human being that has been inhibited, coveted, enslaved, manipulatedvand foresaken for many ages and now has an oppertunity to ressurect only if we allow ourselves to accept the awareness, the conscious responsibility that comes with being on the fifth level, the speaking level, the coders, administrators of the universe we are.

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