Source of Knowledge. Bridging Spirituality and Science.

The only true wisdom is knowing that you know nothing.

道 Tao > *

Seemingly endless ideas, histories, conflicting truths, sciences, spiritualities, philosophies, laws and good ol’ nihilism. Where to begin?? Even those born into a lineage of beliefs that work seek or encounter other systems that produce positive results that conflict with their own.

Whatever works, for you, some say.

A common starting point on a blank slate all can relate to is where to begin.

What exists regardless of who, where, when, why??

Trivium and Quadrivium. Critical thinking and the four basic arts.

These, unfortunately, are not taught in preschool in the West and much of the world. This information is guarded by those with morbid self interest.

Once one comprehends trivium and obtains the ability of critical thinking, the arts become available as tools.

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