Ahead of the Curve

This gots me labeled crazy and the post removed from a facebook group of 10,000+ called Atheist Vs Theist Debate


———— ———— ————

Instead of debating, realize how things are. Realize there are people outside of this argument, that know things you don’t and haven’t made it into textbooks, TV shows, the internet or your local bar.

Realize the reality of this world and your life. We are on a planet with X# of countries on any given day that are all opposed to one another, that is why they are countries and not one unit. And each of these countries have a flag.

Not only do they have a flag, they all use the same symbolic language that none of you pig vomit shit for brains knows.

The Bible is 2000 whatever years old and the Torah (The Old Testament for you extra retarded) is older than that, and it was not written in English.

China has a CULTURE, fuck history, a CULTURE that is over 6,000 years old.

The culture in the USA is POP and lasts less than 30 secs

Do you know Hebrew? Greek? Phoenician? If you did you wouldn’t be having this debate. Why? Hebrew is not like English anymore than English is like C++ or matrix script. Hebrew is a multi-dimensional language where the letters contain, also represent numbers, geometry, sound and high physics / cosmology. Look it up, ask a Jew they live among you.

That King James Bible is if anything, training wheels or a kiddie pool, or a quaint, coded narrative, or a lease to land that YOU do not have a cipher for. You can’t get three people in one room to agree on what is going on a pizza even though they have been eating pizza together every night their entire lives. What makes you think . . . and the same goes for science and this is where most of you have BIG PROBLEMS.

i will begin here with the simple fact that government secrets exist. The military exists. The information on the street is called DECLASSIFIED,
You fucks have no idea how bad you are being fucked over by this war machine military industrial economic ass rape.

Here is an example of how fucking bad you have been deceived and how stupid you are and please, take it as something humbling; I went through the process myself; I am the spawn of shit sent back three ways from a spider vein hanging off a wart on the asshole of the gutter behind hell. I shouldn’t be alive. I was raised by wolves. It would be a miracle.

Free energy: a magnet and a fan.

Not solar, wind, damns, coal mining… all of this… unnecessary and a lot of people at the top know this and hunt and kill people who actually build and try to aid humanity


You want things to bridge the gap between science and real spirituality / potential of human consciousness, I will give you some key words; I do not presently have the ability to input my vision into your skulls that house whatever rotting toxic waste mucus you call a brain.

Trivium. Quadrivium. Sound Number Geometry Cosmology Vedic Sidereal Astrology Astrotheology Sacred Geometry Goetia Egregores “aurum solis” “rodin coil” “vortex math” sigils “book of enoch” kabbalah REAL kabballah and quantum physics are the same thing. Kabbalah has no English spelling. Kaaba of Allah Qube of God. Heaven is described in revelations as a cube. Perfection. Like the Borg. The crucifix is an unfolded cube. The man in the box is Christ. Pandora’s Box. Open it and all the evil is let out into the world and you are left with hope.

Boil everything down to elements. Number Geometry Audio Light


consciousness is part of the universe it is omnipresent in many forms, just because this shit kicking is going on here on this planet does not mean we know everything or ANYTHING outside of it.

You will find in kabbalah the tree of life. that it is subjective to this Earth and that is ok and how it is because we do not live on Mars or Jupiter or somewhere in the Andromeda Galaxy. And we exist from here and that is a valid point, When you get into quantum and vortex math you comprehend things are in motion and you must account for unending variables

fractals Ouroboros Saturn that hexagon is so easily explained away in some lab but that is foresaking the forest for the trees. Saturn was a Star but instead of GIVING light is TAKES light. Thesis, anti-thesis, synthesis. Hegelian Dialectic Edward Bernays and his cousin Freud invented not only the jargon about ego but propaganda PR public relations, advertising … same thing.

go look up how ego, the voice in your head, and DNA are the same thing. we are a vessel that receives light energy and the goal is to take that and bestow it, become stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AT least this is what I was told while being anally rapped in a gas station bathroom for two rocks of flakka while your mom watched the door.

Why are you reading this, get a life, go get laid. I hate you, FUQOV

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