MSM Narrative & Noodles

Several items I have picked up along the way that are never discussed or found in google searches

1) The “Great Workers” of this Hegelian Three Ring Circus Church Circle Jerk are designing the show using the Tarot w/year. This year is 15 The Devil. Next is 16, the Tower: sudden great loss.

I have been wise to this for several years and watched it unfold. Do some googling/associating yourself.

2) The Rock n Roll POP Stars are selling as much doom as rap and beiber yet no one says anything. NIN, Maynard, Offspring, Insane Clown Posse have nearly detailed the events in albums, songs and videos but “they’re cool to hate” sp no one is watching hehe

3) WWE since 2012 has changed hands from the McMahons to Zionists. Too much to get into so you’ll have to google what I am saying here if you dunno wtf I am talking about. In that wrestling ring, in that MASONIC SQUARED CIRCLE they manipulate tulpas/egregores/currents in collective human unconscious. Simple example… 20 years ago today the now defunct WCW held a PPV called WORLD WAR 3 which featured a brit, a jew, a redneck, a giant neanderthal and the NWO New World Order. Hidden in plain sight ppl… no one looks there. Realize for you doubters, WWE is a mega rich corporation that travels the world, has access to everything everywhere, influences public opinion, targets children and voters, has no moral standing what so ever, displays 666 in plain sight constantly, mocks God…

4) Aliens “aliens” djinn enochians angels demons… before the TV tells you what is real and what is not, do some searching and you will find large communities on every social network of people interacting with them daily. They even have their own profiles now if you know what to look for. Why don’t they go “public” so to speak? 2 basic reasons… first, they don’t want to pay taxes. Secondly, the only way to prove it’s a real “alien” is to kill it. Would you volunteer to be first and deal with the fall out of starting an inter-dimentional galactic fucking war? yea, I would too. But they’re cunts and they don’t.

5) You as a huem0n0id have all the power of the universe at your discretion. You are being psychically attacked nonstop by enemies both near and far, visible and unseen. Media, “shit to read” is plastered everywhere to keep you from having a clear mind, peace and quiet. Accessing alternate dimensions of being/consciousness involves self control, breathing control, not the environment of a busy airport 24/7 however once you’re good anywhere will suffice.

You need to realize chakras are as real as your arms and legs and hold the key to your physical and mental well being. This is openly available information yet is trampled all over as voodoo due to corporate interests promoting Western Medicine zipper job medicine and band-aid philosophy. Google Kundalini Awakening Process and allow your brain to turn into shit.

6) Egregores/tulpas/currents in collective human subconscious is “the beg hidden science” that is being manipulated via groups such as Freemasonry exploiting archetypes in the human brain using architecture/geometry/ curves and angles that cause mental and emotional responses. This is not only found in geomancy but primarily in sigils/icons/symbols/language/written language/logos suggestive subliminal imagery. Google goetia/sigil magic Grant Morrison

Maybe more later, I’m tired of writing. Don’t forget to fuck off. You little bitches. Fuck you


合気道 Aloha Nαɱαsɫé ॐ नमः शिवाय God is Love السلام عليكم שָׁלוֹם audio metamorphosis is the completion of life
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