An Hero

This reality has no value. It’s up to you to decide when you’re done playing the game. Go live on your own and be damned by god and humanity for it. Go try to build something and have it be destroied by humanity, god and your loved ones and be damned for it. Go just be kind to people for no reason and starve to death and be accused of being a con artist and a serial killer and rapist when the door is closed because nice people are all predators.

Go head. Or bullshit yourself and fit in and bullshit everyone else and deal with all the shit that comes with that and fall on your own sword and not see your destroyers coming.

or, kill yourself.

Ignorance is bliss and once you know, you’re fucked.

To decode a matrix you need a cipher, and to quite him, “why oh why didn’t I take the BLUE pill.” Bottoms up cuz we’re goin down. Cuz the blue pill does what the red pill does just gracefully. The story ends. You wake up. And believe… whatever you fucking want to believe

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