Youse people PEEPole USE peephole dont know GNO GNO Enuff NONO thatchu dunno, YANO?

The majority of the civilized world doesn’t pay American politics mind because IT IS ERRONEOUS; to Quote Vlad the ImpADAMere poo’tn.

It’s a fucking JOKE. It is the WWE Circus. Open policy of corruption. BULLSHITTING YOURSELVES allowing media to dictate instead of BURNING MCDONALD’S TV FM RADIO STATIONS DOWN TO THE PIT OF HELL BENEATH EARTH BECAUSE bCUZ

Bcuz – no excuses: you’re a generation of cowards.

You want starving people in India to wake up to the fact you want to have recreational sex and dress in various uniforms because you claim it is your birthright to mutilate your genitals to empower your meaningless self indulgent social status, social life, when the reality is you’re a lot of fools fighting over sand castles in a rainstorm and the tide is coming in anyway but you still won’t find higher ground because all you care about is yourself. Covering your lies. Delusions of property and ownership in this MALcontenent kingDUMB of Saintitanic Hills & Valleys, California. Khali 4 forincate; to FUCK YOURSELVES. MASTER BAIT. FUCK OFF.


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