i think facebook took all my good will i put into it and raped me until i was almost dead and contemplating hurting myself and others and using facebook as a weapon against the innocent. while i collected information from world leaders celebrities scientists and occultists around the world building an army to destroy not only facebook but humanity and hopefully earth itself, facebook took the joy out of it. so now that we have both raped one another i am taking what gained here and using it to harm as many people young old sick poor anyone and by telling them if it wasnt for facebook what i am doing, and the millions of others who have been reading my coded msgs for years, to them, wouldn’t be possible. and now that the bombs are all in place around the globe and dead mans triggers are set up on me and countless others in all areas of society, if you facebook or any one of your cunty minions dick farts within a parsec of me i will show you what true might is right and apathy and violence what you have created is capable of and for generations the blue and white colors of facebook and the name zuckerberg will be curses on the souls of the unborn, the living and the undead until whatever dark entity that now resides where god once did in creating a universe of love that is now moten deathfuck because of facebook will cry in tears of blue and white for having to bare the facebook name for ever and ever so help me motherfucker just bring it JUST BRING IT YOU CUNTS

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