Isis Crisis

Where ISIS stems, how who why when… is all right out in the open. Occultists see it and know it and have no voice because those who know mythology and study the occult are trampled on and shut up by mainstream and mainstream fanatics focusing on whatever bullshit the mainstream vomits.

The stuff people are calling “Satanic” in media, pop songs, halftime shows, award shows, parades, concerts for, lets just focus on things 2012 until present, are part of ISIS and their goals. People of all backgrounds acknowledge there is subliminal, coercive malicious subtext in much of advertising and pop media however they do not know exactly what it is and try searching for it, you find mounds of conspiracy theorists, propaganda, religious groups, covert religious groups, government propaganda, people who think they know but don’t know putting out erroneous information. Some of it sounds right but doesn’t and leads to much time chasing phantoms.

To find the root, to understand WHAT IT IS these people believe in, not what is true for everyone, not what IS OBJECTIVELY true, take being of them or from and not of them, or lots of time and patience, education and guile to sort through the incredible amount of lies and subterfuge and misled semi-conscious buffoonery.

What needs to be understood, whether you believe in it, or believe it works or could work, is what exactly are these groups of people doing and then WHY are they doing it.

The way to do this from a point of zero knowledge and instinct is pattern recognition and allowing yourself to make mistakes and be wrong and be the fool and learn from that and keep going back.

You will find patterns, symbols.. undercurrents of behavior, ritual beliefs that have been and are present that are NOT taught in public schools, are not explained on the discovery channel, are not found in many history books and are difficult to find online unless you know what you are looking for and have key words and names, KNOW what symbols to look for, find the definitions, the science behind them, why they are used repeatedly and why it is going on seemingly unnoticed.

The results are as follows.

There are certain questions not being asked that seem simplistic yet have no immediate answer.

If the countries on Earth are all independent,regardless of origin, and have their own agendas (hence boundaries borders) and beliefs, why does every country have a flag that uses the same symbolic languages and coats of arms that are not explained or taught anywhere publically available? This is something common in all parts that, if one can find the answer in their own research and knowledge simply, will reveal common threats where there should be none.

Etymology, the study of language is essential to comprehending history and the world. Languages date back to the Dogon and Phoenicians. Hebrew, Greek, etc. You realize languages such as Hebrew do NOT translate into English AT ALL. One can PHONETICALLY sound out most of the words using English and umlauts, yet the depth and full aspects of the Hebrew language are not present. We are taught the latter A is A, looks like that and has a few sounds, is a vowel. In Hebrew the letter Aleph is those things, along with a number and geometric shape and cosmic/astral/significance as in high physics. These languages are therefore not easily changed and altered over time because it is not just a matter of shuffling words and letters around. The numbers, ideas, shapes and sounds will not line up if the text is altered.

These numbers and symbols and high science go on to form/align/resonate with the same number patterns found in music and architecture.

Do you see what is going on here

The people with this knowledge believe in these things whether you do or not. They know things most people do not know true or untrue, and things people have forgotten or ignore. These people are in position of wealth and power from using these systems, building them up over long periods and sustaining them, creating countless patterns in all areas of life and languages themselves that people not porn to them believe are arbitrary or whatever reasonable history is taught with them.

The people using these means have no interest in teaching everyone even if they could because most people wouldn’t believe it or would care to know and believe they are being deceived, likely as any reading this do now. So when people say no one can keep a secret, greed and selfishness would prevent such things from going on unnoticed, realize it is those things allowing it to happen.

Just as these people don’t know what you had for breakfast today, you don’t know what they did this morning either. The know it all blind faith in humanity and reason is an enemy. It is a form of faith that does not serve one’s best interests.

Many symbols are incorporated into languages such as the letters B M W E that despite the many instances of logical and factual derivatives, there are only so many ways to skin a cat, so to speak. There are only so may ways to draw a triangle. And if you look you will notice letters like MM BB WW WWW EE the silent E which many languages do not have silent letters. These exist as symbols for a reason. Not only resonating with the human subconscious but as symbols to those who know the origins and other languages and know why these redundancies exist.

Without getting into the full explanation of exactly what they all mean, I advise the researcher to run some words through google and use your bullshit detectors wisely and see for yourselves, not what IS TRUE but what these people believe so you can understand, overstand, comprehend for yourself what they are after and why they do not give a damn about anyone other than themselves.

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