1776 – 2016 Mart (M/13 Dark Art) Washing tons of WAL – Hegelian Dialectic

240 Years. Jupiter.

America was raped. They came. With foreign goods/manufactured over seas. They conned, gimicked, lied with a YELLOW SMILEY FACE “we’re you’re friends wal-mart” WAL – LAW M13 ART (DARK ART LAW) WILD WILD WEST. and when they got everything, whatever it may be, they came to get… THEY GONE! Rape. &Now… we’re just damaged goods no one wants, and yano what? Maybe she was askin’ for it. Fuck her. . . .mmmmhm

Sam’s Club. Samael? Samuel’s Club? That’s Hell.
Whole Foods.

Hegelian Dialectic at work again.

Wal-Mart Blue
Walgreens – in red
Whole Foods = Green.

WHOLE in Hebrew = LAW. Same word. Lookitup.

Satanists like to invert everything. LAW WAL. Yod’ Moon

Green to Green. Kabbalah. Masonry. Cain’t win with this corporate side show. Time to learn to grow your own.

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