Permanently facebook banned


You can’t bring me down
Already had my life turned upside down
I ride a downward spiral round and round
but I keep flying, I keep fighting
You will never bring me down
hater hater hater

KoЯn – Hater

You don’t judge my presence on facebook by who I am, my education, the work I do to bring others to facebook, to bring people together in peace, to communicate with my friends and family and loved ones. You don’t care at all about any of that. All that matters to you is & are the moments I say fuck you and don’t bite my tongue and some weak cunty bitch cries woe to your fuckshit. I don’t use facebook to sell drugs, sell guns, sexually harass adults or children, spread disinformation or interfere in anyone’s freedom or life. But the instances I express the dark aspects of life or call someone on their bullshit, or when some stranger somehow sees one thing I said they don’t like and decides to hit report, that is my entire worth to you. You can’t see me. Because all you see is darkness, negativity and hate. Because that is what you are. And until that changes, my presence on here is determined by your iron fist.

合気道 Aloha Nαɱαsɫé ॐ नमः शिवाय God is Love السلام علي كم שָׁלוֹםaudio metamorphosis 004 completion of life

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