Who AM I? Y Who ÆRÆ Y O U? (Skrying – 01 31 2016)

Wren Brady asks:


Without going through and reading the individual aspects this doesn’t mean a whole lot to me
Also you have screamed that the sky is falling at least 3 previous times. What makes this one different?

Thank you for the good question.

Of all that has come and gone since the beginning of 2012, when I sorted through the Goliath Leviathan of Bullshit Surrounding the Mayan Calendar, and found the few facts surrounding the hype such as the Astronomical changes due to the Precession of the Equinox, what has remained consistent:

Aside from everyone going more batshit crazy by the hour, the world on a dead end course for oblivion and no one really giving a shit..

  • CERN, higgs boson.
  • The change in ages via the Precession of the Equinox.
  • While it was not something I harped on then, I was looking ahead in the stars based on info I received about 2012 being 7 years off, and the Ethiopian calendar, which ends and begins on 9/11 being the one the ELLitest fucktards go by. This also concurs with the Gregorian Calendar & tarot. 2020/clear vision & 21 tarot is The World.
  • The ELLitest playing the years going by the tarot & this year being the Tower/Tower of Babel
  • The stars right now.. Saturn/satan/chronos etc… is in front of the 13th sign Serpentarious/Ophiuchus ⛎. This is big shit for them.
    This opens a portal to space via the Black hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy outside the Sun & Saturn/Zodiac
    and Mars is about to enter the third deacon of Scorpio/phoenix, then enter Serpentarious as well, right around the Ides of March/Spring Equinox. If there was ever an alignment where these fucks would go total haywire… this is it.
  • I said, while not making a big deal of it in the past… if for some reason everything is still seemingly holding together by this time… this would be their payday, and the world changes leading to their New World Order and whatever large scale nonsense is to come.
  • A the 58 Grammy’s on 02/15 (pls remember, exact dates in terms of “what defines right now” since space-time is always in motion is approximately a 72 hour window, so 02/15 & while considering International datelines and moon phases, still counts as “Valentine’s Day”) Lady Gaga(Gaga means Pluto) is unveiling “amazing new technology” to change the world in the form of a fucking monolith cube in Los Angeles and playing a song called LUCIFER.
  • Also, several days ago my friend Linda Raya who is a hybrid ET posted a vid saying she had visions of Los Angeles “Falling”.
  •  add in this stuff with Bowie…..
  • The WWE doing exactly what was predicted when the shit was to hit the fan by giving the Eye of Ra wearing RAGE filled Tag Team “Ascension” a push. Here is a link & here showing what the WWE is really up to; it is not complete info on their nefariousness, just realize the okey doke shuck & jive show is a front for much more.
  • Maynard releasing an album titled Money Shot via Puscifer. The Grand Canyon video relating to the Hoover Dam breaking and all he has said relating to Los Angeles, aliens. etc.
  • And the banks … the banks being a consistent thread that was not going to be fixed regardless of all else clairvoyance and prophecy. Too many people all over the globe are aware and protesting and killing bankers and they are not going to just hand over power or go down without taking everyone with them. Use your heads, ppl. This is one of the few instances where whatever the fuck “common sense” is plays a role.
  • Ha, in Ghostbusters 2 is was said the world would in on Valentine’s Day 2016, with something to do with aliens.
  • David Bowie and Manson releasing several songs about Valentine’s Day and Cupid … Cupid Carries a Gun… likely relating to Mars in Scorpio/Sagittarius/Ophiuchus.
  • Obama just sent thru executive orders that he is allowed to declare war anytime anywhere without going thru congress.
  • Massive military build up in Southern California.
  • Teal confirming some of this was to happen.
  • The technological singularity.
  • ICP is holding their 17th gathering which 17 has always been their # and they’re saying this is the one ya’ll been waiting for and I’ve said since day one with them in 97/98 I had a feeling they were gonna kill their audience at some point. The song used in this promo video linked above is “Thy Unveiling” where they explain the purpose of their message along with, “we’re not sorry if we tricked you.” And for those who don’t know, the Dark Carnival, Carnivore is the Goddess Circe (Circe (/ˈsɜːrsiː/; Greek Κίρκη Kírkē pronounced [kírkɛ͜ɛ] Kirk/Church/Circle) who gets those intoxicated by her music and shows drunk on wine and proceeds to kill them.
  • ICP in Enochian is also 369 which is Tesla’s “a key to the universe”, and the Tesla technology is what Lady Gaga is unveiling. And clowns being all about freemasonry and “illuminati”.
  • The Madonna Kabbalah Centre ISIS ritual @ Super Bowl 2012 halftime showing the Hoover Dam and ending with her absorbing all the love in the USA and falling into a black hole followed by a rising of a phoenix in the shape of the world. – if you are like huh? You’ve not been paying attention to anything in the world, especially the last five years. Phoenix symbolism is everywhere on everything.
  • These ELLitests are all psychopaths and fucking insane, just ask John Lennon. It doesn’t matter if what they believe is accurate or “right” or has anything to do with science or what anyone, you and I believe. What matters, if anything in this world, is they are acting on their beliefs and I don’t know about you, *I* have not received my ‘get out of the apocalypse free” card from the Monopoly man. These ELLitest DO NOT HAVE YOURS OR MY INTERESTS, SUCH AS OUR SURVIVAL, US NOT BEING ENSLAVED, OUR QUALITY OF LIFE ANYWHERE on their agenda; and, there is MASSIVE evidence available anywhere and everywhere throughout history, in libraries, online, in dark shady meetings late night in alley ways, to the contrary.

———— ———— ————

Now, why should ANYONE believe me, anything I say, provable by your own experience & research, knowledge and the evidence I and countless others can display pointing in this direction? Who dafuQ am I and how do you know I am not completely insane, or a shill providing magnificent disinformation? Or simply misled and mistaken even if my intentions are shown to be sincere?

As with all things, hear all believe nothing; figure it out for yourself, make your own decisions. All I can do is point shit out to you and take care of myself. Heed my words, seek me out, question me for yourself or make up your own mind on your own and do whatever you want. What difference is it to me? Fuck you. Am I selling you or anyone anything? CONfidence? In what?? I am not pushing snake oil or a line of books promising enlightenment or asking you to drink my kool-aid and get your women naked; however if women want to get naked please feel free (my email) I will not stop you, at all, ever. As far as I know I am not under any more mind control, MKUltra Monarch bs, possibly less than, the average stooge on Earth, here in America 2016. It has been shown knowledge is passed through genetics, in all life. This is again a no brainer and self evident to those possessing knowledge and evidence of self awareness. My mother’s father was a Mahi Shriner, the creme of the .. whatever you want to call the Freemasons. HE lived in London, Ontario, Ca and worked internationally as a Banker with a company called Maule and Wells Fargo. Yes, international banker ELLitiest “illuminati” scum bags. Who left nothing but pocket change to his wife, widow Marjorie E. Kelley Knight, my grandmother, to raise two daughters alone after his death in 1963, and she chose to remain unmarried until her death in 2014.


My mother, by birth a Daughter of the Nile. If I had been made aware of this properly in my youth and chosen to enter Freemasonry I would most likely filtered through the hierarchy to be a Grotto, I believe. “ . . . as Prophets, we open the portals of the Enchanted Realm to Master Masons . . .”, “Prophets have reached the zenith of attainment when they have learned to express their principles of Masonry as “doing good for others.“”. This rings true to me personally, as my own studies lead me to Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education Institute via Tel Aviv, Israel under the instruction of Dr. Michael Laitman, Ph.D. Bio-cybernetics (Dr. Laitman received his PhD in philosophy and Kabbalah from the Moscow Institute of Philosophy at the Russian Academy of Sciences, and his MSc in Medical Cybernetics from the St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University), and being called a phrophet by many estemmed lovlies I have met, including rockstars I grew up listening to, which is a fucking mind-fuck compliment I neither went batshit or shill with, nor took for granted. After floundering through every shit job imaginable for the lowest legal amount to be paid, otherwise it would be a crime, and finding no means of living a suitable life here in the USA as a white-looking male with no siblings, social contacts so-to-speak, or desire to punch the clock/worship satan/give up on life to GET BY THE EASY WAY, after being betrayed… finding girl after woman, after lady wanting MONEY CAR DRUGS HOUSE NOW LIES BACKSTAB FAKE again and again, (if this hasn’t been your experience, great, enjoy your life, lucky you, what can I say) after having my biological parents on separate occasions, and my mother’s husband try to murder me after inviting me into their homes because I didn’t produce them cash in hand every morning and do everything their alcoholic junkie minds told them to do, and not ,ooching or costing them a dime in the process.. eating left overs, not being at the house and trying to put myself through college without any money or a car [don’t want my dick sucked for it, just saying -this is what I did-], after being invited to Texas by the only guy I found friendship with, who taught me much about the occult and the “invisible college” and having him in a drunken junkie fit not only burn down the place he worked where I was to get a job with him, but try to kill me by tossing me in the mouth of the Brazos river (which he pussed out after a 2hr phone call to his gf, and decided to figure something else out) because he thinks everyone is trying to fuck is unforgivably ugly girlfriend he brought to Texas with him and now felt stuck, and was and most likely still is lying and spider-webbing his way around to get money for his fix. Having survived that, only by calling my friend, love him and hate him, Gods fear him, loving call him retard strong, Jew Theurgist Wizard of power beyond the reach of this or any other known space-time continuum Robert Bisno, and saying, “Hey mang, I’m fucked. These psychos are trying to kill me. I am in the middle of butt-fuck nowhere Freeport, Texas, surrounded by Dow Chemical Plants

and a 30 mile walk to the nearest Greyhound station with no money (and no one on Earth willing to help me, for no reason other than “why should I give you money”, not that I have been a crook or abused their trust in the past, just, it’s mine fuck off), could ya use some of your voodoo that you do Goetic Sigil Magic(k)


to summon some fucking Djinn or Aliens to get me the hell outta here? “Hha, yea no problem! Ok . . . 004 says she is on it, and Choronzon. Heha, he says the bitch is mine.” Ha, ok.. thanks man. “No problem.” Bye.

The next day a large … golden/brown I would say Mexican looking man comes walking up to us with a joint asking if we smoke. Says he lives across the street although my “friend” says he doesn’t know him. And this guy has a huge Genie tattooed on his belly and chest, along with many other tattoos all over his body. My first thought was… get the fuck outta here. Coincidence, as above, so below; as within, so without; as the universe so the soul just took a giant leap over the shark into full retard neverneverland and there is no one around sane enough to witness or disprove otherwise. My Hebrew connection in Los Angeles, Bisno did not know where I was in Texas. He didn’t know Freeport Texas from C-attle, WA, so-to-speak. Nor had I provided him any location information or had any GPS stuff on or available where he could have found me, which he wouldn’t waste his time anyway. This was creepin’ me out, though do to my knowledge of the Occult, Djinn, Enochian, Angels & Demons, Pan-dimensional entities (research kabbalah four worlds on emanation/10 Sephiroth 3 veils [kabbalah is quantum physics just fyi]), I was aware how consciousness / light / higher dimensions of & outside space-time works as compass we are all bound to in one collective awareness, (reiki, chi) and how egregores / tulpas / some call memes though this needs a better definition, can be consciousally worked / used / manipulated to have thoughts / higher dimensional non-linear energy manifest in lower / physical 3D linear space-time. “Alchemy” some call it, or magic(k) which, as it has been said, is just another word for science; science that has yet entered the mainstream of awareness. Yet, here this motherfucker stood holdin’ a joint sayin take it, keep it movin’ asshole, wtf?!. The nexy day he returns with a woman and a bag of Popeye’s chicken. She starts eying me and asking me what do I think about 2012 and aliens. I just laugh, kinda to myself, and .. wtf.. yea, lots of shit goin down in the future. Most people are stuck in the lower realms of desires and needs and not looking up to a global perspective of what is and has been going on for ages.

Next day it is decided I will be dropped off at the library and I am on my own, as further discussion with these ppl and these two.. w/e the fuck they are lead nowhere. I am dropped off at the library, he and his cohort drive off and I am going to log online and then take the 30 mile walk to nextville and see what’s up at greyhound. I sit down on the only available computer in the library, next to two women chatting with the librarian about going on a trip. Librarian walks away, I ask where ya’ll goin? I was seeking to return to Asheville, NC where I had met a girl, a woman who we were toying with rooming together, or anywhere really, just out of Texas. “Either Asheville or Denver, CO., we haven’t decided. Wanna go?” I’m like gtfo….. Fuck that it is 2012, fuck I am 32, in my 33rd year here, fuck the Phoenix iconography everywhere, and Teal, and aliens… fuck it.

That’s how I ended up in Denver, CO. for 2012 and new years 2013.

So, anyone who wants to say this is bs (outside the realm of their current understanding of huem0n0id thought [which human consciousness is considered a plague or a virus in many greater/other worlds]) and dismiss what I am saying because I just said I was using hardcore narcotics, cannabis, given to me by a stranger, who I in my own madness, perceive to be an alien Djinn/Genie summoned to be my a guy in Los Angeles, (who I called using a shitty Verizon cell with unlimited text/data [MUST I DIVULGE EVERY MINUTE happenings, circumstance, situation for accountability of what is bizarre claims to those who have not been exposed to such realities]), who I know via Rachel Haywire, who works / worked for Humanity + transhumanist Magazine, who I have known since my youth, (and there is a police record in Broward County, Florida, Cooper City, FL showing, which, fuck off you can look up for yourself, fuck these cunty stupid pigs and their bullshit nanny police state surveillance of their own neighbors and population), her and I were arrested in 2002/3 I for “disorderly conduct”; which was us waking people up at 3 a.m., Sunday morning, door to door, wanting to discuss Eris & Discordia (who I credit her with turning me on to the late, great Robert Anton Wilson, in my search for punching holes in this bullshit world multi-verse conglomerate orgy, or reality tunnels, into one giant clusterfuck where it seems only one guy at the top gets to cum and it splashes down on the faces of everyone below gluing them together in a ponzi / pyramid scheme of death-serving only those at the top who organized this so very long ago, while others were either aloof or cared not to be such scheming, left-brained fucks), can go to the far end of the fuck off-line and wait your turn to be told to fuck off, which I will gladly do in respect of your patience for waiting in line to be told to fuck off.

What was I saying? Oh, all you motherfuckers are gonna die (that’s a given’), which is like saying the sky is blue, however the how & why may perhaps be; but don’t listen to me, because this is all a lie and fabrication I made up, despite all evidence to the contrary, based on what was told to me by this dude named Ol’ Smokey who hangs around the bus/train depot in Miami late at night and gives expired bus passes, that you can try to pawn off as legit to the blood-shot eyed drivers and conductors in the morning, to anyone willing to toss a salad and snowball the dressing so the next green-lit soul in line can have somethin’ to entertain their palate while slithering their tongue rusty toilet snake-style up his scabby pyle-clusted anus to a taste of where the mojo is made up in the halls of Solomon’s Temple where the Golden turd of Lucifer resides in his fallen unholy Splendor.

I am not responsible for anything you do after reading this and I don’t owe you or anyone else anything in this bullshit Hegelian Kegel Dialectic Three Ring Circle Church Circle Jerk Called America, USA, Earth, Life or whatever the fuck is going on here due to some perverted-baby cunty GOD with an ant farm in some omnipresent/far away land who wants us all to love with pain.


  1. Keep writing please… i hajust found this last night… is a good read.. i will continue . Amazing work. I will love to read about the calendar. The etiopian ? Was it?. I do not consider we r in 2020? Ehat do u think about this?


  2. Amazing reading ja it reminded me jack kerouackjaja. By the the way most of what u erite has nevermind but i undrrstand u .


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