Thoughts on Our Origins

Huem0n0ids are a failed slave race. The Elohym (Gods & Goddesses) value all life, ergo instead of 86ing us: this. As with most things, there are several seemingly contradictory reports explaining the truth and although they contradict are all as accurate as accurate can be, from this position we are in.

To understand one must, as a huem0n0id, first double flush, snake and plunge the idea that our ability to reason and comprehend is the end all of intelligence in all existence as no huem0n0id created the world in which it inhabits.

Or in vulgar English, the problem with you kids today is you dunno enuff to know that you dunno, yano?

Outer space / vacuum / nothing > Galaxy clusters > Galaxies > Nebula > Stars > planets > moons > Barack Obama, You & I > animals > vegetables > minerals > chemicals > atoms > you get the picture

In terms of relevance, Saturn was a star that, instead of doing what stars do orbiting the Galactic Cores (Quasars/Black holes) and sustaining life bestowed unto them from the unconditional loving bestowal of the Galactic Core, for whatever reason why (perhaps a bastard son / sun / sol / soul of a black hole), went on its own course and instead of giving light / energy / chi / mojo / Prana / Golden sexual mucus of the Gods & Goddesses, takes the light and consumes it, eats it to carry on it’s own selfish agenda. Hence the rings / bling bling and major bummer attitude of Satanists. As Sa’tan / Ego / DNA / 6th Chakra / Mind’s Eye = same basic thing on various levels. 6th planet / plane et, putting a HEX / spell on us. RING a BELL / BAEL?? It is a maSONIC con-spyre-see? Jews with the black cubes on their forehead worship Saturn. A Cube is a 3D representation of a hexagon or hexeract.

This is where the narratives in common religions are derived about God / Light and the 1st angle / angel of light in heaven / higher dimensions / God’s carbon/666 copy being a “fallen” light that creates the perils of space-time / linear time / life and death / dichotomy of Good and evil. It is said we are born into sin. Sin or siGn / Zodiac sign or sine and co-sine waves of space-time. The caduceus. Staff with two serpents intertwined forming the double helix of DNA is that of the Ego, the voice in our heads, the Devil inside making us believe this reality has value so it can feed off our light, when the truth is the one light, that can be seen or associated vaguely as the Galactic Core and the one Son / Sun / Star Sol sent to save us / Earth from sin……. if I am not making sense by now… just forget it. Don’t listen to me anyway, find out for yourself

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