To the youth of 2016

Find something you’re into now and go for it. Whatever brings you joy pursue it and make your friends there and forget whoever else judges you and doesn’t respect your decisions, regardless of how you feel for them now. They will come to hate you and not be there when you need a friend.

Forgive ppls bullshit and let them think they are better than you and don’t seek revenge. There is nothing to win by getting in the last word or trying to teach them a lesson. Pride and dignity are bullshit. Peace and quiet is what to seek.

Expect women to betray you. if you can find a way to get paid for something you enjoy or would do even if it didn’t pay and can afford your own place… go for it.

Eat healthy so you don’t end up shit brained and fucked up sick in a few years.. healthy food is still good just eat like a bird raw fruits and veggies mostly, some fish… otherwise your whole body and mind and spirit will go to shit digesting the crap you eat. whatever you like doing.. video games, arts, sport.. do it as much as you want.. get paid for it if you can.

Be kind to women and enjoy their beauty.. even the old and ugly ones just be good to women and all their fucking cunty bullshit, you’ll find the best relationships you have with women are the brief pleasant ones and that energy exchange is better than trying to convince them to fuck you.

Life is bittersweet. If what you do is intentional, it almost always will be received negatively. People do not respond well to confidence. If you are confident they believe you are trying to trick them into something. Looking stupid is the best guise to get you through whatever situation. As long as the other person gets to feel superior around you they will tend to be more pleasant. Some will look down on you for being stupid but then it is easy to show them how stupid you are not.

Don’t bother.

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