Trump Schwarzenegger’s Lies w/Truth

See who Arnie is sitting with?

[u][b]Tyra Banks[/b] isn’t a real person[/u]. Tyra Banks is RuPaul. [u]RuPaul[/u] is also [u]Beyonce[/u]. You fucks needs to figure this out and say it out [b]loud[/b] cuz they’re not gonna stop.

[u]Yes I know for sure.[/u]

[b][u]Available Proof:[/u][/b]

Yes I even got one of them, Tyra Banks, to admit it and have a live link for proof.:

Tyra BanksVerified account

Tyra Banks Retweeted Travis Alan Donald
Wow. You found us outTyra Banks added,
@RuPaul @Beyonce @tyrabanks = same person. #GetBlockedIn5Words

2:16 PM – 14 May 2016

———— ———— ———— ————

In March 2015 I told this to Donald Trump on Twitter, along with with several other things, and eight hours later he quit his show and ran for president.

I’m not the only one who knows any/all of this obvioulsy; including my involement. The others I know of that are involved and/or don’t want their lives fucked up and/or don’t give a damn.

Yous GLPers need this info to build your knowledge database so you get a better idea of WTF is going on in the world. [b]How[/b] this goes down. [b]Why[/b]. [b]Who[/b] is doing this. [b]What[/b] they want. This is [u]high level Freemasonry among other things[/u]. Look at hollywood, SNL, Comedians/Court Jesters/Politicans.. all known for (and politicians largely in the past) swapping wigs, gender switching right in the public’s face. [b]Remember Dave Chapple talking about this????????????
Why this matters if you need an explanation is it is deception. It shows there is a group of funny handshakes in power; it shows they have hidden agendas and beliefs. Deception is deception is deception.

Now ignore everything I said and go drink a Pepsi, Mcfly.

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