Was Lady Gaga Stupor BÆl LI Occulto?

ÆÆÆÆÆThe yes &/or no answer to “Was Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl LI 51 Halftime Show ‘Satanic’ Occult Ritual, or not?” is Yes, of course it was; and here’s why: (I suggest if you know nothing of the currently occult & the agendas at work to stop reading.)

Standover/understand what you are seeing. Music, actors dancing in formation, words spoken, imagery used, 13:33 duration, broadcast globally by proven/known crazy/occult/’satanic’/greedy/companies-groups-businesses-cults-organizations-label a group of people with a non-public & hidden agenda anything you prefer, to an, by all means, intoxicated audience not educated in the intention of the performance, is the same as any church, movie, concert, party, holiday, get-to-get-her, circus, carnival, show or play. The audience watches the performance, designed to entertain(entrance/entertaintment-enter ment[mental] trance) to provoke emotion, thought, change/alchemy within. And like all above mentioned, it is up to you as to accept what you perceive or reject it. Subliminal messages are omnipresent in all things in reality, in this life, in this world. There are microscopic and sub-space energies always at work, from chemical reactions to radio frequencies to things we don’t know we don’t know, doing whatever they do and then some. YOU are always free to choose what you do next.


While, since Madonna as ISIS/ISIL (see how isis/isil looks like 51 LI) in 2012, there has been an uproar of awareness about the artists/performers incorporating non-subliminal/verbose imagery and performance self evident/and suggestive associations with ‘satanic’ and occult, Lady Gaga’s performance appeared to lack over-the-top devil horns, nightmarish imagery, profanity, gross sexual references, images of black holes and stars exploding, etc. What was shown, however, is as basic occult formula 101 as it gets. Those not recognizing it are 1) ignorant of it while they continue to babble on about shit they don’t know instead of saying I don’t know or asking questions. 2) shills.

The performance began with Lady Gaga (wearing silvery-neutrals) standing on the top edge of the Stadium, with a swarm of drones in the sky behind her, colored red and blue.

(do your own research)

Gaga means Pluto. Look at the stadium as if it were a solar system. A cell. Of course GAGA/PLUTO is on the top edge, farthest way from the center, with the center being then, the Sun. What is she doing, saying? She is bringing in drones/robots from Transplutonian Space/Transyuggothian Space-outside of the influence of the Sun, thus outside the influence of the Judeo-Christian God in the form of machines colored red & blue which represent space-time. (just like the pepsi logo; which, if you think it is more about advertising pepsi, & pepsi is an innocent benevolent company just trying to make a buck… search Dr. Kevorkian.)

Machine life forms from outside our solar system entering our solar system.

When you search the words Transplutonian & Transyuggothian you will find the occult references and if you look deep enough, you will find what it has to do with pedophelia and pizzagate, the occult, Aleister Crowley, our government, “Satanism” etc..

There was a Pepsi Logo (which is just as I explained, along with Saturn/Satanic imagery) displayed in what appeared to be pepsi or a vinyl record? With a Trident above it. Trident = Neptune = Poseidon.

I have been teaching this for years to those with eyes & ears so they understand the enemy of life that is present in our world, and always acting against our interests of joy, longevity, evolution, success & love.

I do not have the time to explain EVERYTHING. If this is not sufficient for yous to click like or ask me questions or research for yourself, and dismiss what I said. Good for you. I ask myself daily, why oh why didn’t I take the BLUE pill.

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