Questions for 2017 – March 1

What do yous cunts know about the “illuminati” “globalists” actual beliefs?& do you know if their beliefs work or are insanity?

-Do you understand if you don’t know kabbalah ALL your interpretations of their motives and show & tell is erroneous?
Why do citizens born in the country have to pay rent for housing?
Do you fux understand money is created by huemons; and those huemons and those around them have unlimited finances? So much so they don’t even really use money they just do whatever the fuck they want SUCH AS CREATE GLOBAL HUMAN TRAFFICKING AND DRUG GANGS that kidnap your children and rape them to death and eat their brains while raping them, and charge you rent for your house and build prisons and arm police forces to to keep you FUCKED CAGED LIKE ANIMALS and blast you with ignorant media and poison everything you consume so you eat shit and die as quickly as possible
Do you willfully ignorant shitheads not care that Dr Phil Steve Harvey Beyoncé Loretta Lynch John McCain and COUNTLESS OTHERS are Hollywood actors in rubber masks teaching hoards of people in every city to become gender neutral shit eating pedophile devil worshippers?
Do you see how every school could have the same books as every Ivy League bullshit college BUT DONT to create a gap in knowledge and class?
Do you think NASA started telling the truth today?
Do you think China can’t send two kung fu ninjas to anywhere anytime and take over/kill/destroy/terrorize whatever.. at ANYTIME
Weed is such a controversial dangerous drug but alcohol isn’t?
Why don’t they just make cars like bumper cars so no one ever gets hurt or killed?
You understand there is civilian grade technology, and military grade?
You wonder why batteries all last the same amount of time whether powering a calculator 100 years ago or your cunty iphone?
Do you ever wonder why every product, newspaper, song lyric is about the sun or the moon?
Don’t you know enough to know you dunno? Yano?
Why is Hillary and co. talking about 2020 and TV shows when they are as guilty as any Nazi war criminal?
Why doesn’t everyone just wanna get naked and make music and go swimming and dance? Why have an economy? Try to justify it and you’ll find economy is a perpetual state of war.
Why don’t you realize making profit means unfair trade?
Why do you have a boss?
Why isn’t your kundalini active and under your control?
Why will you wake up tomorrow and make the same mistakes, tell yourself the same lies, and continue to eat shit and die

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