Questions for 2017 March 3 in 5 minutes EST.

Hillary isn’t facing execution, SHE’S RUNNING A COUP PRESIDENCY!! THINK IT’S ENTERTAINING? Ask yourselves this:So, it’s a joke in America that you can commit treason, assassinate witnesses, lie under oath, bribe, black mail, set up fake charities. Also, kidnap, rape to death children; and eat and rape them again and flaunt it on the mainstream news. Poison the Earth, water and air. Fly planes into buildings. Flood the land with millions of foreign men with no where to go. Send jobs over seas and heavily tax citizens. Run an internal revenue service. Assassinate public speakers and presidents in broad day light. Fund agendas to sexualize children and convert them to homosexuality to enforce depopulation. Privately set up and arm terrorist groups to invade foreign lands and attack your own cities to publicly justify sending armies of toy robots to commit genocide; murdering pregnant women and children in their sleep. Secretly run countless experiments on unaware citizens. Tax all local resources, claim all land government property and tax born citizens for rent when there is an abundance of land. Basically, say one thing and do something different, while attacking free speech and rights to defend yourself while cutting education and building the largest prison system in the world that hosts mostly petty crimes, drug offences, tax evasion, and domestic disputes. Right? It’s funny
It’s ENTERTAINING because, until this moment, you are still able to go online and complain, maybe protest.. Some of you are making moves, see the water rolling back before the tsunami hits.
You believe the worst they can do is kill you, maybe capture you until you can move to escape or kill yourself.. Like a rat looking up at a hawk swooping in, hoping staying still means the hawk isn’t seeing you BUT IF YOU MOVE then, definitely you’ve given your position away.
You think death is an escape from THIS PLACE?
Prove it.

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