How Pizzagate Effects Everyone

Current working hashtags re: Pizzagate #pizzagate #pedogate #Pedovore

Let’s begin with this idea: maybe when you or your loved ones die, if they are reincarnated here, do you want yourself or them to be Hillary Clinton’s breakfast, Bill’s blow job and whoever (ALL OF THEM) elses’ sacrifice to Moloch, Satan or WHATEVER THE FUCK PAGAN VOODOO BULLSHIT HANDJOB gOD they manifested through sodomy and stuffing cum filled shit into uteruses sewn into men?

You likely have no CLUE how insane these ppl are.

And it doesn’t matter if it works. For whatever reason it works it doesn’t matter. Regardless of personal beliefs, anyone of morals in this world knows just because something CAN be done does NOT mean it should be done.

The people involved, guilty of #pizzagate crimes are not the type to go quietly to.prison. Nor are they going to stop and disappear.

Everyone is waiting to see a bunch of cops or military in a video or on TV pulling these fucks out of some shithole and tossing them into another, where they can’t get at kids and are removed from society.

That can be staged, btw. To make everyone think it happened. And the public figures take non-public roles, get haircuts and nose jobs…

Time is against us.

The real rabbit hole isn’t pizzagate, though pizzagate is a door, a way in.

Search Aleister Crowley. Goetia. Transplutonian Magick. Tranayuggothian. Tunnels of Typhone. Thelema. 93. (In current occult circles, since 0011 is 3 in binary code, 3 can = 11. Ergo 93 also = 911) Search for Oculus WTC Oculus VR. ISIS Madonna Hoover Dam.

See for yourself.

combined post from 03/01/17

[quote:Batty Koda:MV8zNDYzODMyXzhGMUU0MUQw]This would be the ultimate front for someone who wanted to know what the FBI was up to. As well as have the secret details of all known sex trafficking organizations. Look at the pedophile in the below video.START AT 32 SecondsDemi Moore and Ashton Kutcher founded the company Thorn which supposedly fights against child sex trafficking. I am sure their child porn database is bigger than the FBI’s… Should a pedophile like this really have access to all that shit?[/quote]

Funny, cuz yer right. Demi Moore FAKE NAME NOT THAT YOU NOTICED RETARDS is in the sex trafficking cannibal necro pedophile time traveling NASA demon summoning industry and Ashton kutcher and his bullshit company are the vampires using peoples good will to fight pedophilia against them and to no doubt confront, discredit, capture, mk-ultra, kill or w/e the ppl who go to him wanting to do good.Further evidence of this is john McCain who FAKE NAME NOT THAT YOUS FUCKTARDS WOULD NOTICE I AM SON OF CAIN CAIN AND ABLE CANNIBAL who is in fact not even a real person but a mask and gimmick worn by several hollywood actors most notably Henry Winkler aka FONZIE from Happy Days and if you pay attention WHICH YOU FUCKING RETARDS WON’T you will see Ron Howard from Happy Days mr Hollywood director Nasa films etc produced the Jonny Depp FAKE NAME NOT THAT YOU FUCKING RETARDS WOULD NOTICE pr propaganda smear film of Trump last year

Not only are ya’ll not going after her for that a year ago, you’re playing with your dingleberries and gossiping about her next move in the politicial media circus while you, your friends, family, neighbors are living in a police state powered by those in her party, and being poisoned in every sense and having your children’s future sold to foreign globalist human traffickers to perpetuate their circles of power.


Your willful ignorance, apathy, lack of accountability and espoused competitiveness and contempt for others in your situation is leading to you being terminated most expeditiously and heinously.

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