Also Katy Perry – Bon Appetit

This popped up on my feed and it’s malware is self evident.

For those needing information:
Audio Metamorphosis is the completion of life. To take an idea, to paper, to product, to name, is to give it life.

Sound, geometry, light, numbers…. 
If someone desires to implant, in you, thoughts, behaviors, programming, sound ~ audio entrancement is the ideal form.

Katy Perry tweeted about ‘cooking something for the children’ during this last New Moon. For those new to sonic witchcraft, black physics of egregores, tulpas and servitors, this is when these DEluminated shit demons from Zeta Reticula cast their demiurge bullshit into the airwaves/minds of the masses to imbed their programming in the subconscious collective and have it report 72 hours/3 cycles later into whatever malevolent form to fullfil their agendas.

Will update with links and solar imagery given time. Check back or contact me @LleoOneiro

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