Americans bought to manufacture weapons for Muslims to Kill Americans

Trump’s creating jobs: $100 billion arms deal, making weapons for the people allegedly behind 9/11 WTC Attack on USA

Yep! The soulution to everything is PUT’M TO WORK-FOR US. Jobs. Get a job (German translation: arbeit macht frei – which is still illegal to say in Germany). Because the economy matters more than life, American’s will soon be working long hours, earning their god-given life, by creating $100,000,000,000 – one hundred billion dollars – of weapons for Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia, home of Mecca, the Muslim Capital of the world, where the alleged 9/11 WTC attackers lived, and their families and friends are still in power.

Once the deal is completed, you Americans reading this will go get jobs making weapons for Muslims so they can kill you.

You are going to do this because you are THAT – FUCKING – STUPID.

I will do nothing to stop this and will laugh and mock you until you and likely I are dead. Good job, America! Anything except love and forgiveness for your neighbor, right? Cuz that ain’t cool.


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