Punishment should fit the crime

This idea has been completely lost in 2017 U.S.A. Money Money Money! We have people, citizens of the United States, whether politician, doctor, inventor, janitor, police, porn star, musician, housewife, lawyer, teacher, builder or preacher all thinking they have special circumstances surrounding their crimes allowing for leeway while condemning others for slights they commit themselves. This has allowed for public figures to flaunt being guilty of henious acts against humanity and life itself, effecting all of us, and recieving little or no punishment; while someone of any age and profession can be violently arrested and held without due process in timely manor for third degree misdermeanor acts such as trespassing through a lot, sleeping in the open or shoplifting food or diapers. Extreme cases are continually showing up of people suspected of pety theft or occupying vacated structures to shield from the elements being shot in the back, murdered by citizens and police citing them as “law breakers” who “may have had a weapon”. This is due to simple human indifference, apathy, fatigue, and media suggesting 24/7 everywhere that we live in a dangerous world where it’s kill or be killed at every corner and that is how you look cool. That is what it means to be smart, on the edge. When now the reality is, power and honor and prestige come from an abundance of grace, experience, a certain amount of guile, allowing for growth and exploration, not stifled by instant dismissive gratification at every turn or off with it’s head! Off with it’s head? Yea, well, you first.


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