08/24/2017/57A.L./10.E. 01:14 a.m. EST

[quote:Lleo Oneiro:MV8zNjE0MjA2XzY0NTA5NDg1X0FEQTYxQzUy]
I’ve been with this bank for more than 20 fucking years and they just shut down all of my accounts for depositing cash from coinbase.

Apparently they sent me a letter 30 days ago telling me they were going to do this but I never opened it.

I’ve cashed out 150k in btc profits over the last 4 months or so through them.

All gains reported on my taxes, all 100% legit.

Can’t believe this shit.

Going to call tomorrow and see what can be done / get more info.

This is a major bank but I’m not going to give the name of it for security reasons..

I’ve seen other people post about this happening to them over btc but I didn’t believe it.
Anyone know any Bitcoin friendly banks out there?[/b]

what’s it like asshole? what’s it feel like to have all that satan taken away from you.

who told you?

who sat here laughing his ass off at the bans and lies and bullshit

Fuck ME???!!! Nooooooooooooooo

See pendejo, if that “power” can be taken away just like that, is was never yours’, bitch.

It’s not like I don’t have other banks.

It’s just the one I used for BTC transactions.

It’s not the end of the world but it IS rather disturbing nonetheless.


People kept telling me in the tinychat days that I needed to communicate with you because I “talk like you”, about pan-dimensional entities, kabbalah, torah zohar tonya, transhumanism, toroidal energy, saturn, black cubes, egregores, tulpas, magic rituals, cern, sun spots, because I was doing good work to bring darkness to light and I was on the street broke, no family, being arrested/hassled by cops for just sitting getting wifi doing what I do..

but all I’ve seen from you is self first,/money over all, to the point you’re more interested in overflowing your cup than actually doing anything via this “hobby” because of whatever bullshit philosophy you hold that says you can’t help and only hurt-people hafta do it ALLL themselves or you just spoil/harm them.. this is the mantra of someone who hasn’t had it all that rough in life. who had family, or location, or one person, or their car wasnt wrecked by a drunk driver or house didnt burn down due to the neighbors bullshit.

and the allowance of propaganda.. hey, I get it. the groups and pages/chats I helmed went by the idea of a clusterfuck. and that’s what I called it. You’re a WWE/pro-wrestling guy, right?

You have to let that stuff in to survive and people, the smart ones see that for what it is and work around it

but the extent of how it is overtaken your “hobby” mr everything is about power and control, the man with the hole that can’t be filled, is causing ripples in the pond making everything shittier even for you.

if I was in better form I could have told you years ago about bitcoin and how to protect your ass, even though I am broke because I educate myself and have a bit of mojo I inherited. BBB 131313 39/93 $$$ right in everyone’s face and they do not see it.


what can you do?


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