Trek Discovery: Pilot E01&02 Occulto Review

This will be the ONLY raw all-inclusive review of the material known as Star Trek Discovery Episode 1 & 2 you will ever be exposed to outside of a writer held hostage. I know my shit (the agendas and occult resources used) & don’t give a damn if you don’t think so because you are wrong. I am offering the facts, from my perspective, as unbias-as possible, without any claim to being in contact with or having access to any behind the scene information. Nor am I associated with ANY group or occult group present past or future. You can either accept what I am going to tell you or fuck right off. It’s about time. There is so much time, money invested in this Star Trek PROPAGANDA that an attack on this level of exposure would not be surprising-and more likely than contact as they’re too stupid to espouse such activity and not destroy it.That is, unless they subscribe to a similar notion as I do: most anyone reading this has no fucking clue what I am talking about, nor would have a voice unless they did know enough, in which case I am preaching to the choir pr no one at all. .. . . . .. …….. … .. ………….. .. . .. . . ….
— — – – — — — – – — — — – – — — — –
Opening scene, we hear low-vibe bass dialogue from whatever shit demons (Zeta reticulans) CERN has welcomed into this realm, along with a mix of hebrew and Canaanite Phoenician on the screen (at least in the version I have), that morphs into the pronoun riddled, nebulous vague fear mongering, “They are coming.” 3 words, four syllables. Black qlipothic Mathemagic at it’s finest right in your face to start with. Translate this as: stupid huemon0id watching, we have distracted your attention from better things and now will fuck your brains soul and face, we own you.

Image appears of a mostly red counter clock-wise swirl of gas/plasma around a vortex from above to below as the image zooms out into black space.

“Atom by Atom” five syllables, abrahadabra. Adam bi Atom? “They will coil around us”. Pi & phi motherfucker. Zooming out produces galactical star cluster-esque formations in fractal patterns morphing into a hazel iris. “and take all that we are.” as the image zooms out to reveal SHOCKINGLY the all seeing right eye in a reptilian huemon0id,. symbolizing the reptilian brain/mindset. Baseline low vibe war mongering consciousness. “There is only one way to confront this threat.”By reuniting the twenty-four warring houses of our own empire.” The shot now zooms out to reveal the face of a tar black African American looking ork reptoid mix. Some more dialogue then the word — KAHLESS –. Klingons. K – less. 11 less. Knowledgeless. 3 less.
(editors note: It is impossible for me to be what some idiots call “racist”. I am born and raised in the U.S.A. and familiar with 2017 dialogue and slang, and will NOT censor the raw language and what is implied or what I infer. Insensitive to those with five frequency feelers/word sensitivity? yep. Fuck you. Sticks and stone can break my bones but words can never hurt me. I will NOT sacrifice authenticity for those weak in baring realities, both beautiful and grotesque. Nor am I promoting any malicious idea, ever.)

Revealing the most threatening thing someone can say is, “we come in peace.” To Turn Star Trek, what was about exploration and discovery, into Star Wars. While this sentiment is true in the art of war, no other material was presented to counter it.

Image changes to desert with Islamic women in hijabs saying, we come in peace as the federation motto. This is an amalgamation between the U.N. agenda (United Nations as Federation have always been the same thing really) and Islamic people to intermix/mingle/breed into a beige soup that is less hostile. Then the hijabs are removed to reveal they are not middle eastern women but an Asian woman and a black woman.

A Storm is shown that looks like the modified clouds here on Earth.

This looks a lot like Star Wars and tatoonie or whatever the fuck it is called.

89 year drought. 8+9= 17.

We are shown some orange/brown bulbs with lines crossing to form Saturnian geometry. Told they are eggs.

They start shooting blue plasma into a well and the fx sound like Star Wars.

Camera pans above the well to show a star/17 making machine.

ROFL @ calling the black woman Michael like Obama’s husband.

They say 89 3 times referring to years. 17 + 17 + 17 = 52.

How did they find us? ” I set a star.” And the Enterprise logo from TOS U.S.S. Enterprise is shown.

— — –

18+min in before someone is murdered, and no tits or female nudity what so ever. No sexuality. No humor. This is serious business. Death around every corner. TERROR!!!!

Klingons are being presented as masonic/eqyptian secret society spin offs. a mummy. root flames. “Our brother” our TORCHBEARER/Light Bearer/Lucifer/Savior killed by the federation interloper/infidel.

You ppls listening to this black tongue are getting programmed and are fucking fools and will mutate into the wicked, the enemies of god. Turn that shit off.

The ripples on Klingon foreheads represent access to higher dimensional consciousness, but I’m sure you already knew that.

Klingon personalities are one dimensional grunting pigs hell bent on war.. [OPINION]:this is such a recoil on what was done in DS9. Captain Worf would have been much better. I hope.


Sarek! Not a good actor for the part. Nothing against the actor, just a miscast.

Ok, maybe there is a feminine white guy on the bridge, in the back. ok. He has no chin and is confused.

Klingons mean RED ALERT!!! WAR! Klingons appear?! RED ALERT !!!!

The Klingons resemble shit demons/actual feces. The lighting is root chakra.. this is 100% psychic attack on the viewer. Their behavior is not pro-life; it is entropic and violent, ignorant. Ideas based on nepotism/the past. Might is right. Death culture. No females visible.

“The Light of K less” The light of ignorance.

28+minutes in we are hearing about rebirth. 28 bones in the human hands, the phoenix rises from the heart of the palm. Red light being shown in hands.

The Klingon wardrobe is Saturnine.

So far in the first quarter of this two part two hour pilot we have witnessed two deaths and two rebirths. This is initiating the audience into the new ideas.

29 minutes in the Klingon dialogue has deteriorated to “some may see the color of your skin as nature’s mistake.” Propaganda is out of control.

Klingon speaking says he sees skin color difference as a mirror, himself in you. This is good…. 🙂

Son of None. Voq. Black Star.

Given the “Honor of Torchbearer”

Light the B con.

Back on the Shenzu, the red & blue lighting is Saturn time-space. More PR.

Ah, ok old white man with his arms crossed as a hologram @ Starfleet HQ doesn’t know what to do DOH!

Klingons are also taking on the same robe of Russia as before.

The name of the episode, The Vulcan Hello, is explained as violence first.

We are left at a stand off where Captain Obamanation uses violence against her captain and attempts mutiny and we are supposed to see this as smart, wise.
Episode 2

Acid flashbacks origin stories. Klingon leader has been “illuminated” by Kahless.

Showing him as a child being beat up in gang initiations, hazings

War begins over the words we come in peace

The white male gets hit, leaves the bridge and goes to cry

Showing inside a Vulcan mind meld. Spiritual blue skin hues in astral space. kinda neat, it and dialogue goes nowhere.

The fucking Europa with its old white man comes to the rescue

Shatner voice overlay for Captain Bret Anderson

Europa self destructs to defeat Klingons. White old dude dead. Europa gone.

Qo’Nos the Klingon home world is Kronos Chronos Saturn.

They had to give Michelle Yeoh a line from the art of war. She is a great actress. Sexy. Sucks she dies.

Promoting ideas that death in war is the only way to go… only losers die in their sleep..

ah, ok they did something unexpected at the end
bottom line, this isn’t Trek like Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock science fiction in space with neat stories.
it’s war propaganda, set in an ignorant war. lots of eye candy.. could be better visually. tho, it is not bad. it is good. More light on the ship would be nice.

No other Trek has been set in a war. DS9 began in the war with the borg and ended in the war with the Dominion, however war did not define the series. Time will tell here.

at the core, the protagonist is a black/African American woman brought up by Vulcans, therefore cold and now violence-first has been associated with Vulcan mantra. the transgender (girl named michael as a first name) captain black female raised by Vulcans is sentenced to life in prison.. some how the story continues from there, I won’t speculate from what I saw in the previews.

I have no problem with the protagonist being female or black/white/any color or race. Good acting is good acting and a variety in captains is great. Trek has done an excellent job in casting all kinds of actors and never making it about that on screen. trek demonstrates that anyone can summon the will to better themselves and work together despite every difference imaginable. Hopefully that sentiment is paramount in this series and not shadowed by war, ignorance, hate due to the climate in Hollywood and American TV.

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