Watch Tom Hanks Lie about the Weinstein scandal on YouTube

Re: Tom Hanks says MSM are paedophiles and rapists like weinerstein

Hanks is related to them all. How many Spielberg films? Related to Lincoln and politicians? Oscars? This guy makes billions pretending to be people he isn’t.

Just compare/contrast your own lives to reality of, you don’t come from family and business and head the table for thirty or more years without being part of, knowing wtf is going on. It is absurd to think otherwise. You think this guy really is forrest gump? He is surrounded by the same pedos corey feldman and corey haim were, at home and in business for his entire life, and families with wealth and deep history, and he is just mr deaf dumb and blind to it all -_-

Police show up to a room filled with bloody dead bodies and tom hanks is standing in the middle saying, well I think that uh maybe maybe maybe uh there could have, not that I’m saying, possibly, maybe before actually, when I.. In this room, here, here now, standing here.. There may have been “some” non-legal activity that I am now being made aware of

And ya’ll watching, thinking, yano poor guy
…. Kill yourselves.

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