Mitzvot4Flat Earthers

Flat Earthers, and those debating the exact shape/word for the shape of Earth are a result of malicious human behavior, mostly freemasonry and other similar groups operating in secret to fuel capitalist ponzi schemes.

The gap in knowledge for Flat Earthers to exist is mostly due to “Sacred” Geometry; a component of a larger wealth of knowledge known as Trivium and Quadrivium. Cosmology, Geometry, Math and Music contain the foundations of knowledge required to operate at full potential as a huemon0id in the five-frequency band of this Creation. Consciousness, taught to the West as an unknown or not yet discovered field of science, and left to religious groups and mythology to decode (which can be done, and leads to the knowledge I am explaining) is measurable and predictable and controllable as any element.
This gap, abyss of knowledge NO LEDGE has allowed those with it to prosper and enslave those without it. Now, someone will look at a map, a 2Dimensional drawing of a 3Dimensional object and, without this additional knowledge, may and are assuming the map is accurate of the terrain. When in reality, the Earth is an object functioning on 10 dimensions if not more and a 2Dimensional account is merely at best a shadow of the greater truth.

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