2018/6018 M.S.Media Narrative, The

(updates w/data availability. Last update 02/09/18)

The mainstream media narrative in the U.S.A. follows Cosmology, Astrology, kabalah and Tarot. Tarot Major Arcana by the year since the start of the new Millennia. This year is 18 the Moon. One of Moon’s traits is reflection, so we are seeing instances of 17, 16 ~ as we proceed.

There are other calendars at use in this narrative such as the Ethiopian 9/11 calendar (-7 years Gregorian [2011]) and the Anno Lucis (6018). As this is a webpost and not an encyclopedia, for brevity, the information here will largely pertain to the Gregorian.

Drudge Report is P.R.opaganda made to appear unbiased to fools. The mascot “Matt Drudge”, always seen in his Saturn Black hat, is a Bohemian Grover at least. Here in August 2017 his one page news dirt sheet changed to black and white and red only (for the most) http://m.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/aug/10/matt-drudge-explains-new-black-and-white-format-we/

(items to look for in media):

Moon Mono mono eye MONEY


Monarchy. Monarch Butterfly.

Women’s Rights. Hillary was supposed to be president. Tides. Tide Pods in the news. Wax and Wayne. Ebb and Flow. Water. Ocean. Flooding. Storm. Dichotomy. Crescents.

Black & White and Red; often with subtle blue. Yellow/Gold and Purple. 9 Moon The Stand. Demons barkin’. Crabs crawling. Reflections. Mirrors. Ghosts. Illusions. No sunlight. No truth. Backwards. Inverse. Wrong is right, right is wrong. Rage. Red Fredd. Red cap. Shriner fez. 18/81. 36. 54. 72. LII/52 2L L7 ל2 Lamed Bet. Feminine. Fractal pattern reveals itself everywhere

02/09/18 Update: Elon Musk (EL AN) and SpaceX (blue 6) story about spending $57,000,000 USD to send a Tesla convertible sports car with a dummy in a space suit into outer space and to Mars where allegedly there are no people or roads. Then the narration continues, the trajectory was over shot and the car will go to the asteroid belt, Tiamat. This sounds like a door to Project Blue Beam and the fake alien invasion. Notice the b&w red blue moon theme. Enjoy


Examples of Pop Culture MSM narratives for 2018 Below

ICP 369L 4th Joker card, 2nd deck

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