Facebook’s Hypocrisy & Rape of Creation

At the core of wisdom is the value and divinity of the connections between all things, us. This kinetic energy is what is known as “the creator” and “yahweh”. This is the origin of ideas such as money being the root of evil, and the devil is the middle man.

I have a sense of humor about everything. Got to. That said, this facebook suspension shit should not be taken easily. Reality check: fb is now part of our communications same as the telephone; and, what fb is doing is like having a live operator-and worse, a bot-in on all your calls, judging your words and attitude of the moment to determine if you are to be cut off from all communications-or soon to be worse-with no course of action, for however long fb determines.

What to do‽ It is difficult as most people are aloof and willing to take any abuse from the abstract parental figure due to being raised by shitty parents. Find and create other means of communication. Just do it.

At this moment I have two facebook accounts on 30 day suspensions from even private messages for typing the word fæg and house negro, both in commentary not directed at anyone specific.

I have at least four other accounts that have been permanently suspended for similar. I also have spent.. probably over a year collectively banned from facebook.

I am not privy to special treatment, however, facebook takes no account of context nor the fact I have spent countless hours building bridges of peace and wisdom for humanity there. In the end, facebook is Zuckerbergs and putting energy into that benefits zuckerberg and he can do whatever he wants, fuck the world. He can make facebook, steal it from people.. people choose to use it and not other services, he likely sabotages other services and uses immoral means to thrive, the world is fucked, so what deal with it.

And while I am suspended and endless amounts of my work is inaccessible to me yet resides in a database for facebook’s use, my life and welfare suffers because facebook has greater presence than I, at the moment. This video, screenshot here:

and many others like it go on and on. Groups are used for human trafficking. House wives selling themselves across the globe.

And that can exist without the horror of dirty jokes and insults.

Congrats humanity, you did it again!

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