2018! Truth hits the mainstream and the mainstream goes ape shit lying to cover it, so THE SMART AND DILIGENT also get the truth of true colors. THE PROBLEM IS … problems, it is all in the stars. Learn real astrology/cosmology. This was known about THOUSANDS of years ago, if not made this way-study Sumerian texts. ALSO, we are living in a PLUTOCRACY. THAT is the proper, best English word for it; not even capitalism, fascism, fake democracy fake republic, quasi-nu-communist, New Age.. those are all symptoms, NOT the problem.

The truth is out, but do any of you know what it is? Troll and honestly. Can you put into a word or sentence, after understandingover Plutocracy, what is going on, what data is legit, what is wrong ultimately with our lives, why we are here, why suffering, why does nothing work right and break down? Most can’t. They don’t know or haven’t looked enough. OR are too lazy brained and neurotic to follow through with intuition and pursuit of the best life for themselves, therefore others, without-or with very little compromise.

The best of problems plaguing betterment present in 2018 U.S.A. start with:

Willfull Ignorance. Easier to procrastinate, stick with bad habits, deny, more socially acceptable to continue making bad decisions. This includes a lack of fundamental data and focus on what life is, why you are here. This might come as a shock, but paying bills, “rent”, being socially accepted, is NOT priority one. Everything is fucked, food water air, family, people dying around 60 because they are actually Satanic puppets-whether you believe in whatever Satan means to you, your overlords do and they are using it in a system to feed on you and rape your soul, to death.

Things were not like this so long ago, for better and definitely worse. There are times and other parts of the world where the problems in the U.S.A. do not exist. What you think is “the way things are” at least for now, and out of your ability to control or change, is another lie you tell yourselves. Look for people who live differently. Live better. Move. Learn. Take a risk more than spending too much on a pizza you swampy cunts. And that’s all for now.

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