Blue Blood Moon 01/31/18

About 06:30 a.m. EST 01/31/18 The Moon will be closest to Earth, full for the second time in January, and experience a total lunar eclipse. 2018 year of the moon began with a Full Moon. Don’t sleep through this one or shrug it off; the mechanics take place whether you come about or not.

This is a rare event. Has not happened in 150 years and won’t happen again anytime “soon”. Baggage from past lives and this one, in all forms, can be cleansed here. The lag time between cast and manifest is also down to moments instead of years. Perfect time to cast greatness and level up. Dreams become reality.

Forgive debts. Forgive yourself. Be in a place you love, with those you love. Peace. Bliss. Visualize your future. Wealth. Health. Company. Longevity. Where you want to be. What you want to accomplish.

Write down these things if you wish. Lose yourself here with these visions and allow doubts to fall away. The world is yours; make it a good one.

And don’t forget to fuck off.

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