Most American Women are Whores

Most American women are whores. Used meat; not worth a real man. They hold themselves to a baseline level, and expect to be treated like Goddesses. Pussy-power attitude.

“I think of a man; then, take away reason and accountability.” Also shielding themselves via the corruption of the justice system.

American girls don’t know how to spot a good man, as they have been abused and lied to and misled their entire lives by everything in their environment. Every moment of the day, the image of the ideal modern man is shoved in our faces via media. A MSM good man is the product, not only of good looks, health, worldly wealth and means, but a bitch to Devil bankers living high lives on some mountain somewhere like the lepers in 300. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

So where does this leave us? Until women use the power of the justice system to rid the Earth of these dickless homosexual wigger gangster wanna-be’s that learn everything from TV shows and never read a book, and are willing to make, god forbid the slightest sacrifice in terms of fitting into this bullshit Babylon trainwreck-in-progress culture to be with the real men so they can build a better world, nothing will change.

Yano, I’ve lived a unique life cuz if nothing else I’ve lived much of it alone. Shitty parents, no siblings, stfu go away until you’re 18.. and I’ve been on and off the street, self sufficient not a junkie or boozer, for about five years now just tired of the lies and bullshit dominating this world. And it goes beyond the borders of the country and it’s a lot to get into; whole different story. Without digressing, I have found a lot, however many of the men I meet on the street that are sober and smart people forced out of their homes due to dopers and bullshit laws, cops, bankers… and whether any of you realize it or not, there are millions of people in America, in the USA right now, that are part of secret societies, that go around and do shit, NOT discordian fuck the man and the system shit, but malevolent acts towards people that just aren’t in their fuckin’ cunty little club.

Shit is fucked up – “” Dexter Holland and no one is doing a fucking thing about it BECAUSE THEY HAVE BILLS TO PAY

They, most of them will agree to some degree that money is the root of all evil but they also envision having enough of it to solve all their problems but can’t afford and shit keeps happening and getting in the way. I can explain this and it may not be the answers you were seeking or hoping for; I can tell you it is the truth, in that I have done the diligence, I went the extra mile, I read the last paragraph, called them on their bullshit, looked the person up, told it, texted it, facebooked it, tweeted it to their face, put myself through school, starved, went without sex or any human contact, let all my possession fall away, let the fickle friends and family fall off Bcuz if they really loved me they would let me be me and still be there, and I kept going despite it all and found what I was looking for.

The money you circulate around, is a currency. It is in motion. An energy. That fancy print on it is not merely there so it is hard to copy, it is technology, it is a bonding circuit, it has a charge . . . am I getting through to ya on both sides here? Science, atheists, Christian, Muslim, nihilists.. the designs on these bills, these dollars with one eye ontop of the pyramid — Idolars (phoneticians go to the sound, sound it out; (audio metamorphosis is the completion of life) EYE DOLLARS Idol Worship Pyramid Ponzi Scam where the elite at the Top have all the power and are detached from the bricks of the pyramid, the backs of the people they are standing on. This is a well crafted, convoluted scheme put in motion long ago. All the who’s what’s and where’s when’s and all do not matter; what matters is this is the situation we are in now. And these people behind this have something horrible in store for the future that benefits them at our expense.

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