Only Stuper Bael Half-Time 2018 “decode” you’ll need.

Why; re: headline? Because those who know aren’t talking; and all else are full of shit. Babbling on Babylon Baby talk more in it for power, themselves, product first substance maybe later. Fuck them. (Already covered this prior to the Super Bowl without knowledge of the show, that is, I am not of these buttfucking imbeciles and not paid by them or working with them. However my work is continuously consumed by them so sometimes you may encounter that. Check dates is all I’m saying.)

Pepsi Pepsi Pepsi black white & red NWO colors with blue hue. Red is time nature mars severity .. blue is space grace Jupiter mercy. Black in the deep blue, acting red/art war. Red on top. RED ON TOP. Pepsi Saturn. Saturn Satan. Sa’tan. Ego. DNA. Two pillars, piecing together the third, the MI D EL. Center pillar = equilibrium. Green and yellow and white and teal/33 purple and violent and pink and green again though dark green, usually. Metamorphosis. audio metamorphosis is the completion of life. (google kabbalah, masonic pillars, involution and evolution)

2018 Moon reflection Timberlake Æthyr woods moon emotion water.

Squares laser lights controlled light controlled space.

Hexagons everywhere. Saturn hexes spells

Teal. Notice Jonathan Davis’ latest video has the same color scheme. This color scheme is also present in much recent media and in DC Superman comics. The word Teal is 33 in Enochian; the word and the color-align with 33.

Prince logo fits the geomancy around the stadium. Prince “I’d die for you” is sung. Circles now appear after the right and 45º angle hell. Last shot of Prince is the Darkness to Light pose. Pose also used by Morpheus in the Matrix (matrix means womb means moon) that is opposite, reflection of the image of Baphomet.

Difference is white space/blue space. Blue is a hue; fallen light. Space within space. Matrix within a matrix.

Controlled. Order. Space, the Final Frontier. Yes? Marvel’s Ant Man is demonstrating that now they claim to have control over space.

The same color schemes can be viewed in the trailer:

These rituals effect currents in collective human consciousness called EGREGORES (as above, so below; as within, so without; as the universe, so the soul) that cause stargates, sunspots, CME Coronal Mass Ejections, even earthquakes, volcanoes, weather patterns can be manipulated when focused .. I have been telling these guys at Suspicious0bservers for seven years and they are great at what they do, and they don’t get it.. we all have blind spots I suppose

Towards the end dancers were holding mirrors.. moon light.. must I continue?

*Please notice NO OTHER alleged sources of information are producing raw detailed data (know wtf they’re talking about, or lying; lies of omission). Image dump ⬇️

I could go on and on and on BUT yous ppl need to figure this out on your own and do your own research and not depend on ppl like me to spoon feed yous this info cuz no one is paying me to do this, I live on the damn street cuz I refuse to give myself to this monolithic babylon bullshit three ring Hegelian Dialectic circus church circle jerk that empowers those who want me and yous deaf dumb and DEAD.

Hexagon mirror pattern

idgaf what yous ppl do with this info; and I don’t care about money. all I can ask is $20 in the PayPal hat, for your fortune, pls.

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