Valentine’s Day 17 DEAD MMFWCL!! 2018 MSMooNarrative!!! Skidoo

School shooting: Suspect in custody in shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High in Florida today – breaking news, live updates – CBS News

#MSK Welcomes you to the truth:

(My only ask here is please, forgive my brevity and lack of creative æsthetics to enrich the information, I am sitting on a stoop in a commercial district with nowhere to go, as you can imagine, this info doesn’t pay and takes a day to produce. For all who witnessed the bear shitting in the woods, enjoy. For all who don’t know enough to know you don’t know, Yano? You know.)

“It’s catastrophic” is abrahadabra

Abrahadabra @ Thelema(93 & 911) Wikipedia says Sheriff Isis Ra Elohim of Broward County, Florida, home of the TV show COPS, and America’s Most Wanted Adam Walsh serial killer.

(#MSK Word for the Wise; what’s in a name?!) Sheriff Scott Israel.. *I* believe in: be kind to everyone you meet; also, learn other’s beliefs.

17 Dead ICP Beverly Kills 50187

50 injured & 17 Dead?

17 is insane clown posse’s master number.

17 Tarot is also the Star

Feel free to correlate New Moon and 17 as BLACK STAR DEATH STAR cuz “THEY” do

Aquarius ∴ Satanic ∴ Moon Baby

Rose Mary’s Baby? See how they are recycling this garbage narrative .. if it’s not NORMA GENE MMarilyn MMOONROE it is Rose Mcgowan and MMarilyn MManson. Samael and lillith.

ICP Insane Clown Posse?! And Marilyn Manson again synched with school massacre?! Where was Rose McGowan when this went down, out with HW Harvey Weinstein or G.eorge HW Bush, VP of actor/President Ringmaster of the Circus Ronald Regan. CON CRE(A)TE JUNG EL

Nickolass Cruz? Nicholas. Nikolas? NICK EL ASS When they decide, here is some Hebrew gematria:

Mar jory Stoneman Dug EL ASS

Phoening in phoney phonetic phallacies phrom phirst phorward!

Mar = Mer jory jury joe re

Mer Ocean Jury

Black New Moon on an Ash Wednesday Valentine’s Day, and “Cupid Carries a Gun” just like Marilyn Manson sings in the intro to the show Salem (just fyi the clip features the nebulous cgi pan-dimensional entities Grant Morrison of Invisibles fame has spoken about.)

Stoneman MASON 930?! What’s that about? Oh, you mean you can connect this to 911 and all the other bs?! Why Yes!!

Marilyn Manson lived in and around Coral Springs, as did-and still do‽-his ex band mates, and those associated who don’t make it to the stage, obviously.

New Moons for those seeking benevolence, have great treasures!! And death cults use them to cast long lasting spells. Celebrity deaths and other media disasters happen with frequency within the 72 hr frame of a New Moon.

The images and narrative from CBS all seeing one mono moon eye are just ridiculous. Enjoy.

Black cross on her head. Red head child over her heart. Red dress whore of babylon woman with black glasses on their right (black white & red moon colors), violet and blue male to their left.. if you don’t know why this is contrived placement, go read a book; I do not have time every post to explain everything at once. For those who already know, I’m just pointing out the obvious for truth’s sake.

And what do we have next. 9407 black and white and red. Why 9407? ..

Gematria. 9407 is Satur9/9 yesod Moon, 407 is DOG .. do your satanic hokey pokey and turn this around and invert.. SATAN IS GOD. .. is the message and here it is again on a police car, satan’s watch dogs.

continue… =>

Who dafuq is named Jaiella Dodoo

Do I need to link the EL Doodoo kaka Pluto 004 stuff again? Cuz I will.

next.. LE n Murr Ray. Mer ray Ocean Light. MOON REFLECTION EL=GOD

So, I’ve things to do other than every detail of this, so typos, add this, more less, new info pls drop in the comments! Remember:


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