China to ban citizens with bad ‘social credit’ rating from taking flights or using trains for up to a year | The Independent

Bankers are your “evil illuminati”. Those for such ideas as debtors’ prisons ought to be killed on the spot. Just, make sure you have something official or w/e showing they are for this nonsense, so there is no concern over why they were killed.

This shouldn’t need explaining; however, due to the reality that we all have been lied to about everything, when subjects reach a fever pitch, let’s give them their day in court.

Money is man made. Money is man made. Human beings, men mostly, made it up. .. the works of man are ultimately cursed. Money, currency, is the middle man, the devil, that gives all trade an equivocal standard.

Example: the pumpkin farmer can use his pumpkins to buy a TV he likes from a TV maker that hates pumpkins, because we use money.

That’s all money is for. That’s it.

Now, when money is abused, and inserted in EVERYTHING.. there are OBVIOUSLY problems.

Debt, money, is not to be taken seriously. When it is, people fight, end up on streets, go hungry, don’t get medicine, die.

This China shit.. if you wanna buy into the bullshit, what a way to help these ppl pay back “debt” by making life harder for them. Reality of this, another step forward for the slow-kill depopulation agenda.

Personally, this is on the list of things I will not tolerate. When “debt” is used to take away basic rights, time to kill.

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