LOL Son of Cain is Salting Yous Marks

ROFL OK I am going to smarten up some of you marks even if it kills every last one of ya. What I am about to say is fact and truth like it or not. THIS John Son of Cain toilet paper is on sludgereport and it is just comedy all day and I know most of you don’t see the real jokes.

John McCain doesn’t even exist. Can you realize this? John McCain is a hollywood actor/actors in wig and make-up. And he is not the only one. Not by a long shot. Yous ppl have no idea how bad you’re being raped. Henry Winkler, Fonzi ponzi from Happy Days is one of the John McCains.

The Restless Wave.. this is part of the 2018 MSM narrative that only I am reporting on because none of you are smart enough to pick up on it. 2 is moon, 18 is moon. Moon is water, oceans, emotions. Black and white, red. Purple and yellow are common colors associated. Also, the number 9.

The big joke here is “and Mark Salter”. Why? Because that is what John McCain is and that is what this “restless wave” is. Salting you Marks.

Doubt me, disbelieve all you like I don’t care. Figure it out for yourself if you don’t know. I am also right here, I make myself very available. Enjoy

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