17 dead again. 2nd MSM blitz right on time

Keep up, you will soon see for yourself how this works.

17 dead on the 45th day, Valentine’s Massacre

17 dead on the 90th day, Palestine

note sheriff Israel in Broward Shooting

Note Palestine Israel

… Know your enemy.

Zionist fake Jews claiming that land in the middle East are using the USA to fund their bullshit in more ways than I have time to explain here. Do some research, you’ll see. I have studied with them online via Bnei Baruch in Tel Aviv, Israel. Learn Kabbalah. Learn Cosmology. Learn Astrology. Learn about chakras. Goetia demons. Djinn. Learn Hebrew. Learn Enochian. Learn Gematria. Study Geometry. It is sooo much fun and interesting with the material online. Learn Tarot. Learn Hegelian Dialectic. Learn Thelema 93. Figure this bullshit out so we can be rid of it and get back to real life

and don’t forget to fuck off.


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