Pedo Rich in Washington, D.C. Mock Independence with Depopulation Agenda

Skip to the fancy; ID4 is a big part of the half truths. With all the media about aliens etc, who can tell which, if any, is accurate? If you know/have learned what this reality is about, and the agendas of the highly motivated rich, the media’s purpose is clear.

The variable, the DOUBT, the fire burning is no matter what, there are unknown unknowns.

“There is a firmament in the heavens”

Alien Jesus hits like the Atom Bomb

The Hebrew Messiah is the mechanical anti-christ. The spawn of Satan/Saturn/the Mind/time baby/moon child/rosemary’s baby/cancer

A star.

A constellation.

Solar Soul arch sis stem synthesis

As above, so below. As within, so without.

4D we experience with our back to the future.

5D is more than a feeling. Intuition. Foresight. 4 sight.

Pizza in Enochian gematria is 93

93 is equivocal to 911. 93 is thelema.

The darkside of the moon. Of the 4see is the door to …

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