Santa Fe May 18 Shooting Continuation of 2018 Media Narrative

I am angry this is going on and more angry even people I know who I show this to everyday and see it are still aloof. So I am going to be brief and say a lot with a little.

Valentine’s Day 45th day of the Year

YouTube Shooting April 3, 93rd day

Today Santa Fe May 18, 138th day

Three down, four to go

And note: Alex Jones isn’t reporting this. Mark Dice isn’t revealing this in a new book. None of your gurus, poseur astrologers, channelers, mediums, talk show hosts, podcasts, musicians, politicians …..

See what is going on and share this link like you do your herpes you pig vomit scum bags. Pat yourselves on the back and say hey! This #MSK site guy I found is onto somethin’! And make a damn change in the world

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