May 19, 2018 and Someone Suggests the U.S. Government is Lying to the Public

Unbelievable, from any perspective. What tipped them off? The fact classified information exists? Was it when the red & blue was used to white wash pizzagate?

Was it 911?

Was it after Clinton bombed Iraq?

Was it after JFK was shot?

Was it after Eisenhower’s speech?

Was it WW2?

Please, tell us when you realized this and why tomorrow no one will care and go on about bogus political scandals surrounding men named after private parts?

Did you figure this out after more people died fighting the war on terror hunting a guy on dialysis in desert caves using satellites and $500,000,000,000 than died on September 11?

Was it when this guy was allgedly found, killed, dumped in the ocean and then the whole group who supposedly found him “seal team six” died?

Was it after the moon landing? Or Apollo 13?

Was it when a President was elected with the hebrew name Lightning From Heaven that means Anti-Christ?

What specifically clued you in to the government, which means meant to govern – govern mental – mind control, was full if shit and solely about self interest?

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