Twitter is Now Suspending Your Friends’ Accounts

Twitter is Run by Racist, Zionist Communist Pedophiles. Twitter is protecting countless pedophiles pedophiles pedophiles related to pizzagate while witch hunting people different from themselves, namely people who do not kidnap, rape to death and eat Christian children. Many of these pedophiles are verified accounts and in bu$ine$$ with Twitter. Twitter is promoting the depopulation agenda and protecting human traffickers while punishing free speech and Trump supporters.

The groups of people connected to the owner(s) and operators of twitter include lucferian freemasons who pray to a black box in the desert, bohemians who worship moloch and engage in human sacrifice, zionists who worship saturn/chronos, their own egos and have been committing genocide on a daily basis for over 70 years.

It is not hard to see how the colors of facebook and twitter are the same as the zionist israeli flag.

Now Twitter is suspending people they assume are my friends when I violate their rules. And you know this behavior extends to their life offline.

This is not the first time Twitter has suspended one of my friends’ accounts that had nothing to do with the posts I made that caused the suspension.

I also have been tweeting to President Trump since he was on The Apprentice, and my friend recently posted images of herself and First Lady who visited her daughter while in a Palm Beach children’s hospital.

See, what is a threat to jackOFF is me calling Hillary a cunt. NOT those flashing guns and making threats to people not on his VIP (VerIfied Pedophile) list.

Jack’s gestopo vip list of war mongers, bankers, clowns, pedophiles, Zionist organizations

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