Netflix says its Subscribers are LOSERS

Spare me the explain aways. I like this. I enjoy honesty in advertising. And that’s exactly what this is. The shows, the characters, the actors, the people who work at netflix such as Obama and the people who make the netflix app, love them or hate them, are LOSERS. AND the BIGGEST LOSERS are the ones WATCHIN THIS SHIT ON TV!! PAYING FOR IT EVEN!!

How would you like that, you get to be part of a tv show and what is it? LOSERS Hey anything for a buck and fame/attention right you stupid pig vomit hookers buying your mind control programs.

Cheers, Friends, That 70’s Show are all LOSERS and YOU are the BIGGEST LOSER FOR WATCHIN THAT SHIT

If anyone recalls, when “Friends” was a hit show, the mainstream audience soaked up everything about that show and made successful film stars out of several of the cast. Now, truth be told, the show was “lovable losers” and let me get nasty about what that means

The ZIONIST FAKE JEWS that produce and star in shows like Cheers and Friends BOTH NBC HITS created “lovable loser” characters for the goyum to mimick.

Yep. Do your own research; it all checks out.

And I will be redundantly explanatory and say it is IMPOSSIBLE for me or MSK to be bigoted or prejudice in any way. Facts are facts. If Nazis killed millions of Jews, blacks, freemasons, gays etc, then Nazis did that. If Zionist FAKE Jews run HollyWood and the US Government to fund their wars, then that is what’s going on and instead of blaming the person for speaking out against the Nazis, you’re the wiser if you move your ass.

Even the netflix logo is a sigil of satan and red attacking your root chakra. If you think not, you need to learn what these big companies do. Loser.

And here comes Barry Soetoro as Barack Hussein Obama and Wayne Brady as Michelle Obama to create more “lovable losers” for you losers to love

Netflix IS a joke. And YOU are the punchline.


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