Dumbo, that spells Moon-to the Sun 2018/19 Narrative cont..

Elephant obvious moon symbol. And more. Elephants are great creatures.

Being revealed in the sixth moon of 2018. Dumb o Dumbo Obama is not only the moon, Dumbo is the FLYING Elephant – The independent that rises to the stars. A dark path. A maggot to fly metaphorphosis. Not a drone or a bee.

To be released in 2019. 19 Tarot the Sun. 2018 18 tarot the moon.

One eye’d elephant hehe in a box

On a cross. Moon star cube

Here are the paths circuits between the moon and the sun

Lady in Red Whore of Babylon

30 points, 15 points

Facing South West. The echoside. The pit behind hell.

The circus is in town. Circus Church Kirk Enterprise three ring hegelian dialectic circle jerk.

One eye mono moon eye elephant eye

Dream land. The Ethyr or Æthyr.

More to come when it surely continues…

Honestly, satanic war on god aside, it looks like a cute, fun movie.

Except for the girls eye twitch. And the satanism and pedophilia

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