Why Black Ppl Should Hate Oprah Jay-Z & Beyonce

Oprah’s movie BOMBS and so Apple signs her to make a billion dollars worth of programming. Does that sound right?

Jay-Z and RuPaul Beyonce’s tour has to give away tickets so SUPRISE they release a new album called Everything is Love.

This is racism. This is Luciferian Gay Mafia government propaganda. These people have to be famous even if no one goes to their shows or films. Most others fail at one film even after a string of success and are BLASTED as has beens.

How many black people are fighting to get their album, their acting career, their film, their face, magazine cover, news story and really have no chance; one of the reasons being no matter what Oprah, Jay-Z and Tyra Banks Beyonce do, the media keeps them famous.

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