Be a Productive Troll: How to Level Up

Get in the cunty botox caked-up made up faces of these fucks behind the money, Zionism, media, government, hollywood, sell out bands, fake news journalists, social justice fools, religious leaders, bankers, politicians, public figures, so-called activists, talk show hosts, personality cult mongers. Get right in their face and call them on their shit. Do it smart and simple without excessive profanity. Have them explain themselves. Fuck up their tempo. Make them clear their throats and take a breath. Do it smartly. Do it Presidentially. Do it Executively. Who DAFUQ do these people think they are? Be selective. Be precise. Have answers for questions you ask.

Go to their social media pages on twitter and facebook, find their emails, call them, and don’t “they won’t listen, there are so many people already..” all that is, is you saying you don’t have what it takes and these people and their institutions are better than you. Bullshit. …. If you want ten people to show up for something, you better print ten thousand flyers and put them where they will be seen. This is experience talking. Don’t give up. Don’t take no for an answer. Make them all security. Make them get the police. THEY AREN’T RIGHT NOR DO THEY HAVE A RIGHT. FUCK THEM.

Be on target. Be on point. Attack bullshit. Stomp it out. Allow them to fall on their own swords. Trip them up. Fuck them ’til they love you.

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