Rioting Rainbow! San Francisco Gay Pride Hate Parade

This is America 2018. The “do whatever you want, just don’t talk about it, emotions over mind” FASCIST WAR MONGERS hiding behind rainbow flags and GAY PRIDE are the most intolerant, violent, quick to violence, socialist nationalist, communistic, misled, willfully ignorant, vain, idol worshipping, style over substance, greedy, envious, lustful, vengeful, easily triggered, want to tell you what to do, adults needing pre-school, gluttonous, humonculus, deceitful, vicious, egotistical, loud, crazy, vile, hypocritical, godless, Luciferian, hate projecting, 911 calling, entitlement issued, prejudice, trivial, superficial heathens on Earth.

No offense to plain, simple heathens.

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