Artie Lange is a LOSER

“I’m not a good person.” – Artie Lange

Artie Lange is a piece of shit. Just not, lest.. addiction battle is no joke. My heart goes out to him. A perfect example of how money, fame, toys, women, success.. are impotent when against addiction.

I am not about bashing people without cause. Something to be gained. An ego to be destroyed. An archetype crushed. Truth exposed. Lesson.

So, let’s get to it.

Artie Lange is a clown. A Mason. A “Jew” most likely a fake Jew. He is famous in a way that drug busts, suicide attempts, prostitution, drug use, public drug use, poor hygiene, ugly, lies, getting fired, being racist, sexist, hateful, mean, vindictive, unsuccessful at the box office, broke and a bad example for all human kind can not stop.

Artie is the sick dog suckers have a heart for. A lot of people see themselves in Artie. Myself included. While it is interesting to see Artie blunder, there is a real sentiment to see him do good and succeed. Artie seems like “he has a heart”. Alas, a broken one. And, at least among guys as I am one and can’t speak for women, there is a nurture in nature to want to share some sunshine with a guy like Artie. To see him light up through the sorrow is a joy. A true break of sunlight amid a storm.

Artie is NOT someone to emulate. His behavior is NOT bar setter. Artie is below bar. No one ought to want to be like Artie. Artie is a lesson through bad example. Batism by fire or drowning. Artie should not be glorified.

Artie isn’t a good comedian. Artie gets laughs sells tickets because he is white and says nigger. Now, I am not going to discuss the ins and outs of being racist in this post.

Artie is a shill. A soft comic. A dick joke comic. A luller. A soothesayer. A jester. Crowd control. He has no morals or ethics. He is toxic to consume.


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