How to Work Around twitter protecting pedophiles AND reveal Ultimate Truth!

As of the Date of this post-regardless of the LIES IN THE MEDIA and w/e your dumbfuck pig vomit friend says, even with all filters off, twitter is filtering wtfever by • placing the comments out of order, • at the bottom, • behind two links. Twitter realizes banning ‘EVERYONE” instead of filtering would lead to server attacks, new accounts, and difficulty tracking people they don’t like (so they feel like they’re in control or at least appear so to their ma$ter$. Twitter is:

  • Filtering comments by people on their Nazi list, even if the comment is “clean” by their standards.
  • Filtering pro-Trump comments.
  • Filtering anti-democrat posts.
  • Filtering attacks on pedophiles, necrocannibalpedophiles, war criminals, rapists, etc..

The great part about this is once you see this is what they’re doing, you know exactly where to go to find truth and better people. Ty again, twitter for falling on your own sword.

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