Fuck Your Cunty Gofundme

Hi! This is gofundme reminding you that you are a loser! Even by loser standards! You already have nothing and no one, which is why you would use crowd funding. (Right?) Now, let us remind you that you have no family or close friends, or at least any that care about you, your interests and your life.

No one is donating to your project, and you have no one to ask for help! Sucks to be you! Thanks for using gofundme!

If you spiral into depression, you can use gofundme to seek donations for the things you need to self destruct.

Our Suicide Specials receive more donations than all other categories combined! Your failure at life is our moment to shine!

If you want to continue living, and recieve donations, take a look at what projects have succeeded and find something you can do to join in the success!!

Here, $80,000 to help ugly people fuck

Oh, he’s autistic, he’s “in the spectrum” so open up the vagina of the Universe and let the poor baby slither in

Here’s $123K (asking $20k) for Seth to suck cock

Make Seth a hoya? He’s gonna be a pimpa with all that bank, not a hoya

Here, give this guy $94k because he’s fucking dead

Oh, goes to his unborn son. Well, no disrespect meant to that. However, let’s see a DNA test ‘cuz I’ve seen crazier stories than this on Maury Povich twenty fnig years ago

Please, stop sending us money to Bring ship a balloon over seas. That must cost what? $23,000+ keep sending money assholes

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