#MSK and Sites Like It are the Solution to Social Network Tyranny

Start your own page, network, board and/or work with people you know. Stop going to Big Social Media asking them to change. FUCK THEM. The only reason yous “need” them is that is where so many seem to be. And those so many are dumbfucks causing this problem. FUCK THEM.

It may not be easy for you. The solution is start your own.

I *I* have been on internet social media since 1997. I have been through this gollum from the ground up. Prison Planet Alex Jones was around then and everyone knew then that site was CIA operated. IRC, yahoo messenger. Geocities. Angelfire. ICQ. Livejournal. Deadjournal. Myspace. BBS. Usenet. Step by step the social forums mutate.

2010-2012, 2013 was a hot bed of free for all on facebook. Then, when groups started taking off, the facebook axe started dropping. Censorship. Filters. It became pointless to post on fb. OVER SIX YEARS AGO

I had some good things going, so I endeavored to take them independently. For me, it has been a struggle. For many it comes easier. It IS the solution.

Don’t go there. Don’t do that.

Fuck the doomed. Fuck those who resist change. Fuck those sucking that blue and white Zionist Zuck cock of death. They will eventually come around or they won’t. And if they don’t who needs them?!

Sites like #MSK are the future.

The internet was great before facebook, twitter, even myspace which was really as far as THAT idea of website homepage social network needed to go. Myspace gave you YOU AND ME, I FULL* control over our page *the more html/code you know the better. You controlled your top friends list. One page no timeline or bs. But that’s entropy, right? Facebook is and was criminal and corrupt from the foundation. It was promoted and hyped by the right criminals and criminals businesses……….

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