Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Ought to Wipe His Ass with His Own Face

Who does this girl think he is? Twitter Hood Ornament JACK 4C with his Behavior Control for Adults. The cunty twitter app is rated M 17+ and Verifies accounts of terrorists, communist governments, mass murderers, pedophiles, convicted rapists, genocidal maniacs, DOW Chemical, Monsanto, NASA, necromancers, Justin Bieber, Hillary Clinton, Jon Podesta, …

Twitter continuously attacks me and not these homunculoid entities and institutions.

Literally. Twitter stamps these things verified, and does nothing.

Me?! Twitter has blocked, suspended, threatened, pursued me across social platforms, limiting my accounts, dumping my contact lists, erasing my tweets AND NOT EVEN THE ONES INVOLVING TRUMP RUNNING FOR ELECTION AND IDENTITIES OF HOLLYWOOD ACTORS POSING AS POLITICIANS

they don’t want attention on that

Fuck infowars I don’t give a fuck if jones comes back as bill hicks Fuck the cia fuck maynard fuck all of them.

At the end of the day, don’t go there; don’t do that. “Well, when in Rome render unto Czar-” Rome fell. Again, don’t go there; don’t do that. Ban everyone from twitter. End twitter. Whoooooooooo CARES?!

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