Most Politicians have Profane Fake Names and NO ONE NOTICES

Johnson, Dick, Jimmy, Bush, Quayle, Clit’n, Colon, Weiner, Comey.. and it’s not just sex organs:


Jeff Flake. A politician named Flake. Really.

Robin Rape of Texas

Tom Cotton. Uncle Tom pickin’ cotton?

Chris Coons

Brian Shatz

Mike Crapo

Dick Durbin

Joni Ernst

Jerry Moran

Gary Peters

Roy Blunt

Jon Tester

Ben Sasse

Dean Heller

These ppl fuck each other out of lives over who said what, he said she said, meanwhile the people in charge have FAKE MASONIC STAGE NAMES you’d only find in cartoons.

John McCain. Mc means Son of. Cain is the first murderer in the Torah, bible. McCain is gone and is replaced by a Jon Kyl.


Kyl is Kill.

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